What is CNC Machining?

We deliver the benefits of CNC machining at a very competitive price point with lead times of typically 5 to 7 calendar days or less. ABS parts and aluminum parts are the most popular and cost effective solutions for prototyping.

Most CNC machining or prototypes only requires 3 axis milling or turning. In some instances, where the part size is large, stock sizes are insufficient or complexity prohibit accessibility, it is necessary to combine machining with fabrication. In these instances, parts are assembled and dressed so no apparent indication of fabrication is visible.

Minimum CNC Feature Size
This is a function of geometry as it is also related to cutter reach and feature location. Preferably the smallest cutters used would be 1 mm, leaving a 0.5mm internal radius. However 0.2 mm cutters can be used if required.

Bed Sizes
Bed sizes up to 1900mm x 900mm x 700mm are readily available with access to larger machines as required.

The parts may be supplied in a natural state, it is more common to supply parts dressed and primed ready for a final painted topcoat, or fully finished with texture/gloss finish.


The following list includes typical properties but not guarenteed material properties due to subtle supplier variances. We can custom order materials not listed below also.