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Frequently Asked Questions

STEP | STP | SLDPRT | DXF | STL | IPT | 3MF | 3DXML | PRT files up to 300 Mb.

Typically quotes are returned in 24 hours or less. Custom materials, special requirements, may add additional time.

Our quotes are good for 7 days after reciept.

Lead times for standard orders are dependent on the complexity of work and materials, proper 3d files, and compliance requirements. 

Yes our Rapid Manufacturing services are the perfect solution for production programs with annual quantities under 50,000 units.

Getting a quote is simple, just log on to Quick Cut's quote portal, and our system will guide you through the process. Prefer email? No problem email us at Sales@Quickcutmfg.com , with your files, and complete project details, including material, quantity, etc.)

You can submit your NDA, files, and other documents to sales@quickcutmfg.com

Quick Cut's manufacturing process offers the option to create parts in a vast array of plastic and alloy materials. Quick Cut recommends matweb.com as a resource to identify materials that meet your programs requirements.

Our team is here to help you move your project move your project smoothly through the design process and on to delivery.

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